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IAS and GroupM boost campaign performance for Radisson, Toyota, and Kvik

Actionable insights from Online Conversion Lift proves ad effectiveness for advertisers

Oct 02, 2019

New York, NY – Oct. 2, 2019–  Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global market leader in digital ad verification, today released the results from their series of research studies undertaken in partnership with GroupM in Scandinavia. The studies examine how actionable insights presented to Radisson Hotel Group, The Toyota Motor Company and Kvik Kitchens based on IAS Online Conversion Lift (OCL) analyses led to reduced campaign waste and optimized performance to achieve higher ROI on their digital campaigns.

The studies show the impact of ‘viewable ad’ exposure on sales along with other key performance indicators (KPIs). OCL proved how viewable ads, ad frequency, and Time-in-view duration drove conversions and sales, helping the participating brands execute effective, outcome-driven digital campaigns. 

Key highlights:

Radisson Hotel Group: 

The joint Online Conversion Lift study helped Radisson understand the role of viewability on driving incremental conversions attributed to the campaign. The learnings ensured that the hotel group could direct its future media buying strategy to drive greater conversions at no additional cost. Radisson discovered that their viewable digital campaign impressions resulted in 1,470 incremental room bookings, a 67% uplift. Additionally, the study provided the hotel brand with an optimal frequency cap to drive maximum conversions. 


Online Conversion Lift helped Kvik to tie their viewable media campaign impressions to in-store visits. Kvik saw a 79% uplift with 3,270 in-store visits as the direct result of the viewable impressions of their programmatic campaign. Alongside frequency capping, Kvik used the study results to identify their key media partners impacting in-store visitation. 

Toyota Motor Company:

The automotive giant used the results of their Online Conversion Lift study in Denmark to quantify the impact of their programmatic media strategy and identify opportunities to optimize media buys toward greater performance. Toyota saw an 83% uplift resulting in an incremental 3,679 online consumer conversions due to viewable impressions, frequency, and Time-in-view.

While Toyota Motor Company, Radisson Hotel Group, and Kvik operate in vastly different verticals, each company identified an opportunity to use Online Conversion Lift insights to unlock the full potential of their digital investment. By connecting viewability, frequency, and Time-in-view to conversions and the incremental lift of the campaign, the studies provided actionable insights to inform future campaigns and drive more efficient online conversions. 

“Online Conversion Lift provides tangible data and actionable insights, which can be either used to make optimization decisions for the current campaign or as post-campaign assessments and best practices for the future media buys,” said Margaret Hung, VP Global Product Strategy at IAS. “Verification metrics are important to not only protecting media investments but contribute to the accuracy and precision of campaign measurement and optimization. IAS is excited to be able to play a meaningful role in our partners’ success.” 

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