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Data privacy, AI and the rise of native: dmexco 2017 distilled

Sep 20, 2017

The annual dmexco trade fair and conference in Cologne brings together a range of participants in digital marketing and here a number of those operating in ad tech give their views on the trends they saw emerging in the 2017 event.

The annual dmexco conference in Cologne saw thought leaders gather from across the globe to discuss, debate, and decide what the marketing industry will look like in the next 12 months. Hot topics included business strategy in a digital age, customer experience, artificial intelligence, and, of course, GDPR. We caught up with ad tech industry experts to find out their key takeaways and trends from this year’s conference.

Nick Morley, EMEA MD, Integral Ad Science

“It is evident from this year’s dmexco event that brands have not lost faith in digital advertising. While it was worrying to see little impact when big brands cut ad spend, it has shown that in an effort to drive performance, we need to ensure every impression has the opportunity to be effective.

“The conversation at dmexco focused on the need for consistent third-party measurement on a global scale to achieve this. The tools are available to ensure media planning can be viewed holistically, across devices, channels, and markets, so the industry must work to ensure implementation. We need the buy and sell side to come together to take action and further improve the industry, as it’s in everyone’s interests to get this right.

“With brand safety concerns still high on the priority list – seen by the many new brand safety start-ups popping up across the halls – we cannot afford to forget about viewability and ad fraud metrics. The latter raised concern among dmexco delegates.”

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