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Making an impact at IAS

At IAS, we aim to deliver quality and transparency in all we do. In an effort to bring these pillars beyond the digital world, we’re highlighting our environment, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives to recognize and strengthen our communities.

Our approach

IAS’s mission is to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality for the world’s leading brands, publishers, and platforms. As we embark on new frontiers, we are focusing strategically on ESG. Achieving this goal requires us to first set our own goal as a company: a promise to empower and enable growth in our employees, customers, and communities.

  • Energy Usage
  • Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Emissions
  • Environmental Operations
  • Real Estate
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Non-discrimination
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Board Diversity
  • Ethics & Anti-corruption
  • Privacy & Data Management


Our operations are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and enforce sustainable environmental practices.

Energy Usage

IAS manages energy use through monitoring our office and data center energy consumption.

Energy Usage

Our Offices
For our office spaces, our Workplace Operations team is dedicated to making impact through small and sustainable changes. This process includes switching to LED lighting in our headquarters and other large (100+ employees) global offices, opting to use eco-friendly building resources like energy star appliances, near sourcing vendors, and responsibly disposing of office equipment/furniture. To prevent overconsumption of energy, we utilize office occupancy sensors, ensure electrical equipment is set to power saving mode, and adhere to local guidance during peak demand consumption.

Data Centers

Over the last two years, our Tech Ops team reduced energy consumption by migrating from three US-based data centers to AWS. In 2021, the team downscaled Amsterdam to only two racks with future plans to downsize further in 2023. These recent feats have enabled the company to move to more renewable power sources and track the impact of our business activity efficiently.

Environmental Operations

IAS supports environmental commitments that are healthy for our planet and our people.

Environmental Operations

We’ve successfully converted to a hybrid workforce. This means giving our employees the flexibility to choose to work from home or work in an office space. Since 2020, we’ve re-opened our office spaces with new priorities given to ergonomics, recycling, and managing office waste. We have a certified ergonomist readily available for assisting staff with their desk set up. We provide multi-stream recycling bins wherever possible, and are working with e-waste vendors who provide documentation of responsible disposal.

Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Emissions

IAS is committed to tracking, reducing, and offsetting carbon emissions

Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Emissions

IAS joined Vista Equity’s climate pledge in 2022. In doing so, we committed to annually measuring and reducing GHG emissions.

We strive to continuously monitor our business activities and hold ourselves accountable for reducing GhG emissions.

Real Estate

With a hybrid workforce, IAS considers green standards for in-person working spaces.

Real Estate

On both a domestic and international scale, our Workplace Operations team carefully considers new real estate’s sustainability credentials (e.g., BREEAM/SKA Ratings – UK), Green Building Certifications, and Management Systems. With our upcoming London office move, we will be assessing our fit-out to ensure we are reaching the most sustainable level possible by working with an accredited assessor who will issue us with a certificate at the end of the project documenting our SKA level. As part of our office selection criteria, we have chosen an office which currently has an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating and will be aiming for a Gold SKA accreditation from our fit-out.


At IAS, our culture is defined by a clear set of six values that guide our business and the meaningful change we seek to have on our employees and community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“We Are One Team” is our company value and commitment to create an environment where everyone is empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences create our unique team and fuel our innovation. We execute on our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals through numerous programs including our employee resource groups, an employee-led DEI council, benefits, and more. Our values guide us — we live them every day, measure our success, and continuously evolve.


At every stage of the employee life-cycle, we are committed to upholding standards of non-discrimination. Our Global Non-Discrimination Statement states, “Having a diverse workforce – made up of team members who bring a wide variety of skills, abilities, experiences, and perspectives – is essential to our success. We are committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity, diversity, inclusion, and respect. The Company will not tolerate discrimination and expressly prohibits any form of unlawful harassment based on race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, military service, genetic information, citizenship status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law.”

Inclusion and Diversity Council

The Inclusion and Diversity Council’s role is to uphold IAS company values and champion Inclusion & Diversity initiatives. Additionally, this council serves as the guiding body for Inclusion & Diversity, provides oversight of ERG initiatives, and ensures accountability and monitoring of these strategies at IAS.

Employee Resource Groups

Part of the continued inclusion efforts at IAS includes our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These are employee-led groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned to our corporate mission, values, and goals.


Employee Training & Development

IAS invests in robust training and development opportunities for employee career growth and success.

Upskilling employees through mentorship

Since its inaugural launch in 2021, our mentorship program has successfully paired 100+ IAS mentees with experienced mentors. This 12-week program, operating globally, aims to empower both mentees and mentors as they take the next step in their careers.

Investing in leadership development

With a focus on people managers, our People Manager Certification Program has successfully trained and prepared 50+ people managers as they transition into new roles with support from HR leaders, a guided curriculum, and a variety of topics across emotional intelligence, manager duties, team engagement, communication, and more.

Our Emerging Leaders Development Program, PROPEL, is an annual six-month program to provide identified employees with the tools and skills to be impactful leaders at IAS and throughout their careers. PROPEL focuses on developing the next set of leaders through cross-functional capstone projects targeting critical skills & competencies.

Enabling performance through learning

We’ve invested in an adaptive performance enablement system with 10,000+ on-demand courses for our employees. This catalog, which includes IAS-specific content and partner content, continues to evolve our talent engagement process. Employees take learning into their own hands, complete desirable courses, and work to improve their skills.

Learning Partnerships: Our partnerships further enable learners to take certificate programs across a variety of subjects like business, management, marketing, human resources, and more.


IAS values transparency and ethical business practices affecting our stakeholders. For detailed information on these processes, please visit our Investor Relations page and IAS Privacy and Data Management Portal.

Board Diversity

The makeup of our board reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech sector.

IAS is proud of our women-majority board and majority-owned by minority investors. Our Board of Directors can be found on our Investor Relations page.

Ethics & Anti-Corruption​

Our new hires and all employees complete annual training on topics like anti-corruption, anti-harassment, and other governance topics. Certain of our policies can also be found on our Investor Relations page and IAS Privacy & Other Policies page.

Privacy & Data Management​

At IAS, we strongly value data protection and privacy. To that end, we have implemented organizational, technical, and security practices and policies to protect the privacy of our customers’ data and information, including any personal data. To learn more about our privacy and security practices, please review our Privacy Policy found here and the additional resources on this page.

Visit the IAS Privacy and Data Management Portal for our Compliance Materials, Legal Terms & Conditions, and related policies.

If you have any additional questions regarding our privacy practices after reading our Privacy Policy or resources, please contact privacy@integralads.com.


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